Motherly Micro Managing

| Related | December 31, 2015

Mom: “I feel like we don’t communicate. You never call me, never share what’s on your mind.”

Me: “I have a migraine right now. Can we talk about this some other time?

Mom: “No! Tell me why you don’t want to talk to me!”

Me: “I really, REALLY don’t want to discuss this at the moment.”

Mom: “At least tell me WHY!”

Me: “Fine. I feel like you don’t really listen to me or take my feelings into account. Whenever I try to set boundaries, you push against them. You discount my opinion when you don’t agree with me and you’re always telling me what to do instead of trusting my judgement and letting me make my own decisions.”

Mom: “That’s absurd! I don’t do that! You’re just cranky; you shouldn’t have drunk so much coffee today.”

Me: “In the last thirty seconds, you’ve ignored the fact that I have a headache, demanded that I talk to you when I said I didn’t want to, told me I’m ridiculous, and given me a piece of unsolicited advice!”

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