Motherly Love(y Dovey)

| Romantic | June 16, 2016

(My mom and I are teaching my boyfriend how to play a card game. My boyfriend and I have cute, playful insults for each other. For example, if I call him a doofus, he’ll call me dorkface, and if he calls me pumpkin, I’ll call him cupcake. We’ve been using these insults the entire game.)

Me: *counting up points after losing* “You just HAD to go out, didn’t you?”

Boyfriend: “I looooove you!”

Me: *play pouting* “I love you, too… cupcake.”

Boyfriend: “Dork face.”

Me: “Doofus!”

Boyfriend: “Pumpkin!”

Mom: “Jerk!”

(My boyfriend and I both get fake offended.)

Me: “Mom!”

Mom: “What? It was too lovey-dovey in here. Someone had to do it!”

(Boyfriend and I both broke down laughing as we got back to the game!)

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