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Mother Solved The Biggest Math Problem

| Learning | June 29, 2016

(I am going to take Algebra 2 in 10th grade. Since I had Algebra 1 in 8th I went to summer school as a refresher and passed with a high B. Fast forward six months to a parent/teacher conference about me failing math. Both my brothers were members of math competition teams.)

Teacher: “I just don’t understand why he is failing. I have to keep reminding myself he is a [Family Name].”

Mom: “Hold it right there! He is NOT his brothers and I will thank you to remember that. This conference is over.”

(That evening at home…)

Mom: *to me* “Your math teacher is an idiot. Do whatever you want in the class. Pass. Fail. I don’t care.”

Me: “…”

(I went to summer school again, had the same teacher as the previous summer and passed with a high B. Gotta love a five-foot-nothing mother with a heart of gold and a backbone of steel.)

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