Mother Knows Best

, , | Right | September 16, 2009

(I witness this exchange between a mother and daughter shopping together. Note that the help desk is located between aisles 79 & 80 of the store. The mother is running up and down the store, looking down the aisles, but not walking in them. She finally stops and stands on the opposite side of the help desk from where I’m standing.)

Daughter: “Well? Did you find it?”

Mother: “No! That boy lied to us! He said it’s in aisle 79, but I’ve looked EVERYWHERE and there’s no aisle 79 in this whole store!”

Daughter: *looks to the left of the help desk* “Mom? It’s… it’s right behind you.”

Mother: “What are you talking about? This isn’t aisle 79!”

Daughter: “Yes, it is. See there? No, Mom, up there!” *points* “It says 79.”

(Mother glances at the aisle number, then glances down the aisle without walking in it.)

Mother: “Well, what we’re looking for isn’t down there! I’m sure of that!”

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