Mother Is About To Give You A Lungful

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(Due to unfortunate circumstances, I’m forced to live with my sister and my nephew. He is three and has a set of lungs that must be the size of beach balls. They also have a cat, who avoids him, as well. One time, I’m talking baby talk to the cat and petting it, and my sister hears me.)

Sister: “Why don’t you talk that way to my son? Why don’t you give him attention, too? You’re so mean.”

Me: “He may be cute, but I don’t like noise. Cats are cute and they don’t make noise.”

Sister: “You crazy cat lady!” *huffs away*

(I don’t even own a cat! Is it really that hard to understand that people don’t like screeching, even if it’s from a kid? Not all of them are angels!)

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