Mother Doesn’t Know Best

| Related | April 26, 2014

(My mother and I are sitting at a computer skimming websites to plan for my upcoming wedding. My brother is nearby. I pull up a link of a silver butterfly necklace and my mother suddenly jumps.)

Mom: “What is that?!”

Me: “It’s a necklace.”

Mom: “What for?”

Me: “Those are gifts for the girls in the wedding party.”

Mom: “Wedding party? What girls?”

Me: “You know; the bridesmaids and the mothers.”

Mom: *highly offended* “And exactly how many mothers are there?”

(I turn to look at my mother in disbelief. Luckily, my brother is fast on the uptake.)

Brother: “Well, Mom, in a traditional wedding the bride gets one and the groom gets one. I think that’s what [My Name] is planning, so, two.”

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