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Mother Doesn’t Have A Foot To Stand On

| Related | July 9, 2014

(I have sprained my right ankle. Both my feet are really swollen due to a medication I am on, so they don’t notice any outward swelling even though it is about three times its normal size. They don’t do anything about it. 10 months later, I sprain the left one and have to walk home on it. My mom told me that if I was able to walk that far on it, it wasn’t serious enough to warrant a trip to the doctor. Fast forward to present day. My ankles are now permanently swollen since they never got the full treatment they needed. I now work retail, and it is the holiday season.)

Me: “Those shoes suck, Mom. I need new ones. Look.”

(I pull my shoe off to show her the bleeding calluses I’ve developed.)

Mom: “Oh, s***. What did you do to your foot?”

Me: “Calluses, Mom, These shoes are not helping.”

Mom: “I see the calluses. Why is your ankle so swollen?”

Me: “Eight years later, and you finally see that? Good job, Mom. Good job.”