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Mother And Son And Never Done

, , , , | Right | August 30, 2018

(I work in the electronics department. I’m alone as my coworker is on her lunch. I’m currently ringing up a man for some online gaming cards when a woman walks over to me.)

Woman: “Are you the only one working right now?”

Me: “Yes.”

Woman: “Just great.”

(She walks back over to the tablet display. I finish up the order ,and I walk over to see if I can help her. She’s with her young son — about seven, I think — and her parents. Her parents end up leaving to go look at other products.)

Me: “Sorry about that. Is there anything I can do for you?”

Woman: “Yeah. Why doesn’t this display work?!”

(She’s looking at the children’s tablet display model. We have an empty display next to it, the regular tablet, and a book tablet display.)

Me: *tries to turn it on* “Looks like it’s not working, Huh… must be the charger.”

Woman: *goes to unplug it and plug it into the empty slot*

Me: “Ma’am, please don’t mess with it. It’s supposed to be attached to that security base.”

Woman: “I’m just trying to see if I can fix it!” *to her son* “Is this the one you want? You can’t even see what it does!”

Son: “Yeah. That’s the one.”

Woman: *to me* “What’s the difference between this [the children’s] and that [the regular] one?!”

Me: “Looks like it’s just the case and parental controls. Other than that, they’re the same tablet.”

Woman: “What about the app store? Are there free products on it?”

Me: “I would assume so; it’d be just like the [Phone Brand] app store.”

Woman: *goes over to the regular tablet display* “I want to access the app store! Why won’t it let me?!”

Me: “It’s the display model; it’s set to display mode, so it’s only going to show you a few things.”

Woman: “But I want to see the app store!”

Me: “I’m sorry. It only shows you a few features, as it’s on display mode.”

Woman: “Can’t you do anything about it?”

Me: “Sorry, I can’t.”

Woman: “Is it already charged in the package?”

Me: “I’m not sure; I would imagine so.”

Woman: “Can I see the package?”

Me: “Yeah, no problem!”

(I get out the box for the children’s tablet and let her look at it. She begins to open the box.)

Me: “Ma’am, please don’t open it until you pay for it.”

Woman: “I want to see if it’s charged!”

(She continues to ignore me and opens the package. She then realizes that the tablet is in a separate box that is glued shut.)

Woman: “Are you serious?!” *to son* “Do you want this or not?!”

Son: “Yeah.”

Woman: “Fine. We’ll get this.”

(They come up to the counter to pay as her parents return. Her son counts out $60, and then she recounts it, hands it to me, and yells at me to recount it, as well. She and her son leave, but her parents stay behind to pay for a backpack they wanted.)

Her Father: *shakes my hand* “Thank you for having patience with my daughter. I’m sorry.”

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