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Most Just Sale Through Their Inbox

| Working | October 16, 2013

(I’m at a board games convention, where a number of retailers have stalls. I go to one who is a franchisee of a parent company.)

Me: “I’d like to buy [Game], please.”

Seller: “Sure. It’s $90.00.”

Me: “On your email, it says it’s $65, on sale.”

Seller: “That’s only a one-day sale. You’ve missed it.”

Me: *opening the email on my phone* “No, it says it’s all week.”

Seller: “Oh. But it’s only on the online store.”

Me: “The email doesn’t indicate that. See, here’s the dates the sale is available for, and here’s the large colorful banner saying to come and see you at the convention for these sale prices.”

Seller: *shocked* “But… but no one ever reads the emails. Ever.”

Me: “I do. Do I need to contact your parent company and explain that you aren’t giving people the correct price?”

Seller: *panicked* “No. Here’s the game for $65, and I’ll give you any expansions for half price.”

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