Morning-After Pizza Is The Best

, , , | Romantic | December 28, 2019

(Unbeknownst to me, when my husband grabs lunch for our kids at a warehouse membership store, one of them doesn’t finish her pizza. He puts it in the fridge thinking I might want it. Again, I have no idea the generous gift of half-eaten pizza awaits me as I spend the next day preparing a roast, mashed potatoes, homemade biscuits, and various other sides as a nice dinner to enjoy with his parents who are visiting. The next evening, this conversation happens as he fixes a plate of leftovers from dinner the night before and notices the foil-wrapped pizza in the fridge.)

Husband: “So, I guess you don’t want this pizza?”

Me: “There’s pizza?”

Husband: “Yeah, [Daughter] didn’t finish her slice from [Store].”

Me: “So… it’s from two days ago?”

Husband: “Yes.”

Me: “The dog can have it for breakfast tomorrow.”

Husband: “No, gross. I’ll just toss it.”

Me: “She always tries to sneak food out of the trash. She’ll be fine, and she’ll love it.”

Husband: “No, I don’t want her to get sick.”

Me: “Wait, two-day-old pizza is fine for me, but it’s not good enough for the dog?”

Husband: “That’s a very good point.”

(The dog was thrilled with her breakfast.)

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