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More Treat Than Trick

| Friendly | November 16, 2015

(I am out trick-or-treating with friends and family last Halloween. I don’t expect many people to know my costume as it was home-made rather hastily and badly at that, not to mention it was from a show that wasn’t very well known. The only things tying me to the character I am going as are  the pink wig and the white scarf I am wearing.)

Me and Friends: “Trick or treat!”

Resident #1: “Oh, are you [Character]?”

Me: “Yes! You are the first person all night to know who I am!”

Resident #2: “[Show that the character’s from], right?”

Me: *getting excited* “Yeah!” [Show]!”

Resident #1 and #2: [Show]!”

Me: “[Show]!”

(We kept screaming the name of the show at each other as we went back down the driveway.)

Dad: “Someone knew who you are?”

Me: “Yes!”

(I am really hoping to meet them again this year, since I ordered a proper costume.)

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