More Than Half Exasperating

, , , | Right | June 14, 2020

We get a walk-in customer.

Customer: “We want the large one-topping pizza for $6.”

Me: “Awesome! What topping would you like on that?”

Customer: “Mushroom and pepper.”

Me: “Which peppers would you like? Jalapeño, banana, or green? And just so you know, it will be a little extra for the second topping.”

Customer: “Okay, yeah, we want the one for $10. And jalapeños aren’t spicy, right?”

Me: “Jalapeños are spicy, actually.” 

Customer: “Okay, green peppers and mushrooms, then. For $10.”

Me: “Okay, that will actually only be about $8.”

Customer: “Okay, and bacon.”

Me: “Okay. So, a large mushroom, green pepper, and bacon?”

Customer: “Yes.”

I ring it through and cash them out.

Me: “I’ll have that ready for you in about ten minutes.”

Customer: “Is the hot sauce spicy?”

Me: “A little, why?”

Customer: “Only put the hot sauce on half the pizza, then.”

Me: *Confused* “You didn’t order anything with hot sauce on it.”

Customer: “The chicken! The chicken pizza with the hot sauce!”

Me: “Oh, did you want to order another pizza with that on it?”

Customer: “No, no… On the pizza. The chicken… hot sauce on half.”

Me: “You didn’t order anything with chicken on it… or hot sauce.”

Customer: “The pizza! With the chicken! Only put hot sauce on half!”

Me: “You didn’t order anything with chicken. You have a large with mushroom, green pepper, and bacon.”

Customer: “No! Chicken… mushroom… banana pepper.”

Me: “Okay, I’ll change that for you. And hot sauce on half?”

Customer: *Exasperated* “Yes!”

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