More Than An Armful

| Atlanta, GA, USA | Learning | January 9, 2017

(I am very shy through high school and usually fly beneath the social radar. One day I fall down the stairs and break both of my arms. With casts up past my elbows, I’m just about completely helpless, so I spend the next six weeks being home-schooled. Every Friday, I come into homeroom to drop off my finished work and pick up the next week’s work.)

Week #1: *everyone is signing my casts, and I’m kind of enjoying the attention and am in a surprisingly good mood*

Classmate #1: “At least you get to skip school, right?”

Me: *laughing* “Yeah, I guess there’s a bright side to everything.”

Week 2:

Classmate #1: *to friend but loud enough that everyone can hear* “She’s sooo lucky that she doesn’t have to be stuck in here with the rest of us.”

Classmate #2: “Dude, cool it.”

Me: *quietly* “I kinda miss school.”

Week 3: *the novelty of having two casts has long since worn off, and I’m really starting to get crabby*

Classmate #1: “Man, I wish I could just skip school like that. It’s not fair.”

Me: *snapping* “Fine! You can take the next three weeks off if I can get to wipe my own a** again!”


Classmate #1: “What’s her problem?”

Classmate #2: *face-palm*

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