More Than A Baby-Sized Coincidence

, , , , | Right | January 5, 2021

My parents own a pet shop. Mum runs it most of the time as Dad still has his day job at the local train station.

One of the guinea pigs has given birth, and when Mum goes to check on them, she notices that a baby has disappeared. She’s upset that the baby will die, being taken from his mother so early, and calls Dad at work to tell him. Dad tells her that there’s nothing they can do as the thief is probably long gone, and that he’s about to leave work. Fifteen minutes later he walks in the door.

Dad: “Look what I have.”

He opens his hand to show the tiny guinea pig.

Mum: “Wha… Where did you find it?”

Dad: “As I was leaving work, I noticed a bunch of kids. One kid was showing off the baby guinea pig he got from the pet shop that morning. I just took it off him and told him that if I ever see him in my pet shop again, I will be calling the police.”

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