More Than 2% Of Customers Are Like This

, , , | Right | September 13, 2020

We try to give customers the chance to customize their drinks to their liking, so we ask them several simple questions with their order.

Customer: “I’d like a cappuccino, please.”

Me: “Sure! What size would you like?”

Customer: “Um… the middle one.”

Me: “Okay, so, a medium. What type of milk would you like?”

I am on the verge of telling him the choices.

Customer: “What do you mean? I’ve never been asked that before. Cow’s milk.”

I’m trying very hard not to be a smarta**.

Me: “I’m sorry, we just try to give you options. I meant skim, 2%, whole, or soy.”

Customer: “Medium.”

Me: “I’m sorry, what type of milk?”

Customer: *Visibly upset now* “Whatever the middle one is!”

Me: “Okay, so, a medium 2% cappuccino. That will be [total].”

Customer: “[Coffee Chain] never asks me this many questions!” 

Me: *Sigh*

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