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Morbid Curiosity Killed The Cat

, | Right | August 25, 2010

(I answer a crisis hot line for suicide, depression, drugs, or any sort of thing they want to talk about.)

Me: “[Crisis Line]. My name is [My Name]. Do you feel comfortable sharing your first name?”

Caller: ”Do people really ever call this line?”

Me: “Yes, they certainly do. What’s on your mind today?”

Caller: “Well, that’s stupid. Do you just listen to depressed people all day?”

Me: “I listen to whatever is on their mind. That’s what we’re here for.”

Caller: “You should just tell them to off themselves.”

Me: “Sir, if you would like to speak to an operator, I’m right here. If you are prank calling us, that is a misdemeanor and we will prosecute.”

Caller: *obviously faking it* “Oh… well, you see… my… um… my… cat… died.”

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