Mopping Up Your Own Job Prospects

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(My roommate is the assistant manager for a grocery store that has a contract with a local floor-cleaning crew. So, every few days, a crew of one to three people comes in to sweep, mop, and buff the floors. I also come by at least once a week to bring my roommate dinner and hang out for an hour or so. These two just so happened to coincide. This usually isn’t an issue. The evenings are usually uneventful… until one night when there’s a different, single crew member that we’ve never seen before. My roommate says the guy has been standoffish. He’s got a relatively thick accent, so we just assume that it is due to English being a second language, and think nothing of it. He’s also going way more slowly than our normal crew. The floor guy does his sweep, and everything goes smoothly until he starts mopping. My roommate sees that there is a noticeable river of mop water that starts in the entrance of the store, winds through a few aisles, and ends in the back with the floor guy emptying his mop bucket.)

Roommate: “Hey, you left a stream of water out there; will you go clean it up?”

Floor Guy: *waves us off*

Roommate: “Seriously, man. It’s a hazard and someone could fall. Go take care of it.”

Floor Guy: *grunts and heads towards the front with a mop*

(A few minutes later, the water is still there, untouched, and [Floor Guy] is nowhere to be found. While trying to search for him, I slip on the water and my knee hits the tile floor. My roommate is super protective of me, so he does not take this well. He books it to find [Floor Guy] and happens to find him outside, taking a smoke break.)

Roommate: “Hey! Someone just slipped and fell because of that water. You need to get in there and take care of it, now.”

Floor Guy: “Man, you don’t have to talk to me like that.”

Roommate: “I wouldn’t be yelling at you if you had done your job.”

Floor Guy: “I don’t have to take this.” *gets in his poorly parked truck and leaves*

(My roommate called his boss and explained the situation, emphasizing that I fell. His boss gave him the phone number to the owner of the floor cleaning company. The owner is a generally nice guy and likes to give the benefit of the doubt, but he was LIVID. Rightfully so, in my opinion. He immediately apologized for the actions of his employee and deployed another crew to the store. While they were on the way, my roommate cleaned up the excess water and put out wet floor signs. The new crew arrived and has two very presentable, efficient, friendly people. They also apologized for the actions of the other guy and promptly got to work. They managed to sweep and mop the whole floor and were midway through buffering in the same amount of time as the other guy. These guys were rock stars. The owner called us back and made sure that everything was going smoothly now. He also told us that [Floor Guy] had been terminated, effective immediately, and that it was my roommate’s choice if he wanted to allow the guy back on the property. The guy did try to come back to get his things, but it turns out those things belonged to the company, so he got kicked out and the other crew took the equipment with them. I do feel somewhat sorry that a man lost his job, but at the same time, safety precautions exist for a reason, you know?)

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