Mopping Flopping

, , , , , , | Right | November 8, 2018

I generally work closing shifts and, as such, I’m responsible for mopping our dining area. We always do it in sections so that there are always tables available to sit at.

I’ve pulled out one section of tables and created a decent barricade around the area with them, the chairs, and wet floor signs. It’s obvious I’m mopping, as the bucket is in the middle of the section and the floor is wet.

I get halfway through this section when three or four guys come in. As I’m also responsible for cash, I stop mopping to take their orders. As I’m preparing their drinks, they go over to the section I’m mopping, dismantle the makeshift barrier, and set up a full table right in the middle of it, despite the dozen other places to sit.

They come in every night for two weeks, and it didn’t matter which section I am mopping; they always put a table back in it and sit there.

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