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Monsters From The ID

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(I’m a new cashier, still in training, but I’m doing everything exactly by the book. Whenever someone wants to pay with a check, I have to ask for a photo ID to make sure that they’re using their own checks. A middle-aged gentleman comes up in line, buys a couple of t-shirts, and wants to pay with a check.)

Me: “Okay, sir, can I please see an ID?”

Customer: “A what?!”

Me: “I need to see a photo ID, please.”

Customer: “You need an ID, do you?”

Me: “Yes, sir.”

(He glares at me, opens his wallet, and starts spilling out all sorts of IDs all over the counter.)

Customer: *obviously raging* “Here’s an ID from when I served in Afghanistan, and here are a few IDs from other states, and here’s an ID from when I was overseas, and here’s a photo ID from my job, and here’s an ID…”

(After a while I start blanking out what all IDs he offers, but he gets more and more angry as he’s throwing IDs down until he has emptied his wallet. I wait patiently and quietly for him to be finished, then I make a point of only picking up ONE.)

Me: “I only needed to see one, sir.”

(I finished ringing him up and waited for him to scoop up all of his IDs and stuff them back in his wallet. Then, he ended up leaving so angrily that he forgot his t-shirts.)

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