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Monkeyshines About Moonshine

, , , , , | Friendly | July 25, 2020

I am with my friend whose parents are first-generation immigrants from Saudi Arabia. He mentioned that he isn’t allowed to hang out unsupervised with his cousin who recently came to America because his cousin is a bad influence, but he refused to share details.

In psychology class, we are talking about prisons.

Me: “Alcohol is banned in prison but the prisoners make it out of fruits and sugar; I’m not sure how it works.”

Friend: “It’s made out of fruits or grain — anything with carbs — and then you have to ferment it. You can boil it in your kitchen if you have one, but obviously they can’t in jail…”

He goes on to explain how to make moonshine. Several kids make jokes about his suspicious knowledge.

Friend: *Quietly, to me* “This is why I’m not allowed to hang out with my cousin anymore.”

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