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| Working | December 9, 2015

(I spend several months abroad for work. During that period, because of a lack of communication between the tellers and the management of the first bank, I am considered “unreachable” and my account is frozen. On the account I have a standing order for my car’s monthly payments, so I promptly call their customer service…)

Operator: “[Car Brand] financial service. How can I help you?”

Me: “Hello, this is [My Name]. I have a problem with my bank account and now it’s frozen, but I’m abroad. Is there a way, like a bank transfer, to send my payments?”

Operator: “Certainly, sir. I need your account number, then we need to activate an automatic charge—”

Me: “I’m afraid it will not work. As I told you before, I’m now abroad and in this moment I don’t have any active bank accounts in Italy. I believe I can do an international transfer every month. Will that be good for you?”

Operator: “No, sir, the only way is via an automatic charge on a national bank account.”

Me: “Listen, the problem is that I have no bank account in Italy, I’m abroad, the car is abroad, and I won’t be back for at least eight months. So, you won’t have neither the money or a car to repossess.”

Supervisor: “Hello, Mr [My Name]. I’m the shift supervisor of [Car Brand] Financial Services. International transfer, you said? No problem, sir. You can send your monthly payment to…”

(Funny that when they risk losing money there’s always a solution!)

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