Money Makes The Moans Go Round

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(I was just clocking into work, and since I am a traveling teller, meaning I go to different locations every day, I have to wait for the manager of the specific branch to give me a drawer.)

Customer: “Excuse me? What are you doing?”

(I continue starting up my computer, assuming she isn’t speaking to me as I still have my ‘next window’ sign up.)

Customer: *to others in line* “Look at that dumb b****, sitting around doing nothing but play with her hair when there’s a line out of the door!”

Me: “Excuse me, ma’am? I am not yet up and ready; my shift has just started. I’m sure another teller will be with you in just one moment. Your patience is appreciated.”

Customer: *rolls eyes*

(After a few moments, she finally reaches another teller, and the following conversation happens after her transaction is completed.)

Customer: “Why would you even hire such a lazy, incompetent girl?”

Coworker: “She actually doesn’t have a drawer yet, so she has no cash to work with.”

Customer: “If I wanted to hear excuses, I would have talked to her. Next time I’m in here, she better be fired! I will be reporting her to management. She should have brought her own cash in if you guys were busy.”

Coworker: “Ma’am? You wanted her to bring thousands of dollars of her own money so you wouldn’t have to wait a few moments on Friday afternoon at a very busy bank?”

Customer: “Yes! That would have been the right thing to do.”

(I was yelled at the first two minutes of my shift. I decided this had to be some sort of record, and we all had a good laugh about it in the end. Joke’s on you, lady. You didn’t ruin my day; you just made me laugh! Plus, she didn’t even get my name so she could report me.)

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  • Souless night

    Standing in line?! Oh the horror how dare you laugh at this poor woman!

    • Katrin Schirmer

      yes! don’t you know who she is! shes very important!

      • godzillahomer

        yeah, she’s the wife of the owner’s sister’s hair dresser’s brother’s dog’s groomer’s brother-in-law’s uncle

        • Katrin Schirmer

          no, she is the owner’s father’s brother’s nephew’s cousin’s former roommate!

          • David Sandiford

            “What does that make us?”
            “Absolutely nothing!”

          • godzillahomer

            why not both 😉

          • Katrin Schirmer

            either way she is still absolutely nothing,

    • Lord Circe

      Yeah. Can’t you see she’s suffering from affluenza? It’s a very serious condition that can cause lethal inflammation to one’s sense of self-importance.

      • Akamar

        And is apparently an effective defense in court.

  • Kitty

    “Yes! That would have been the right thing to do.”
    Ahahahahaha, No. =D

    • Katrin Schirmer

      ma’am, i charge 50% interest on the use of my personal money. also, i don’t have thousands of dollars sitting around to lend you. afraid your only option is to shut up and wait in line.

  • Lord Retro

    “Fire that girl for incompetence for not realizing I am the most important person on the planet!”

    Blow it out your a$ $ and stand in line like the rest of them.

  • Clint

    That was one of the worst parts of being a teller. They think just because they see you behind the counter that you’re always ready to help them no matter what.

    • johnnyboyjohn

      But… sometimes… I have gone to the bank and watched two tellers just stand there and gab while people wait in line. If it was bank business, OK. But this was obviously two women talking about their children and what they did that weekend, while people stood there waiting and waiting for their little “meeting” to be over with. It does go both ways.

      • Clint

        I can’t speak to anecdotes. All I know is if someone’s window is open and they are facing forward at customers and saying something like “I can help the next person” that means they’re ready.

        Otherwise, they are not.

      • CyNical CyNthia

        F**king typical.

        • johnnyboyjohn

          Ohhh, you’re so disaffected and bleak… ooooh… now how can we ever recover from this post?

          • The Aussie Bloke

            Tone, capitalised N’s, profile pic and a quick look through past comments suggests CC might be a Negative Nancy alt trying to get around the fact that 90% of us have blocked her.

          • Dsru Bin

            She’s admitted that she’s NN in a new persona.

      • BarlowGirl

        What if they’re waiting for tills or something like in this situation? Are they not supposed to talk?

        • johnnyboyjohn

          What if that wasn’t at all what was happening? What if they simply left their posts and started gabbing? The reason I ask this is because one of them came in, the other said “OHHH, HIIII!!” and they both left their posts and went toward the back and started talking like it was a Mommy Meeting at Panera Bread with the requisite squeals and typical mom-noises. People in line. Waiting. 10 minutes go by and they finally both stop and walk up to their counters and say “Next person in line please”… no till, nothing, just gabbing. Yeah, what if it was that? Because it was.

          • BarlowGirl

            Then you should have asked to speak to a manager, huh?

        • Akamar

          No. They are supposed to stand stock still and silent like the deactivated robots they are.

    • Stacy

      I get annoyed with Chase lately as they now force an employee to stand in the lobby purely to greet people and tell them that they can use the machines for simple, personal transactions. They are not allowed to do anything else. Because of this, there is often a long line of customers who cannot use the machines waiting to be helped by only 1-2 tellers.

      That said, I would never react like this customer to one of the greeters because it’s not their fault. That is what Chase forces them to do. But I can only imagine the crap they have to hear from people like the lady in the story.

      • Clint

        Oh man that sure does sound like something Chase and BoA would do.

      • NevahLose

        I don’t get it though. I’ve been in to a lot of stores which have greeters and yeah, that’s the only thing they do. I never thought it was so much of a big deal.

        Unless, there’s something I’m missing?

        • Stacy

          A greeter at a store like Walmart is very different than a greeter at a bank. Banks already operate on a skeleton crew. That greeter is literally doing nothing but providing fake smiles and pointing people to a machine that is now doing their job as a teller. They were hired to be tellers. And I know they were hired to be tellers at this branch because I’m there enough to know that the job of ‘greeter’ is rotated through the teller staff.

          But as a general rule, greeters are a bull**** job to begin with and I don’t think any store should have them. (I’m not saying anyone who does the job deserves a lack of respect. I’m directing this at the companies.)

          • Dekubud

            Good lord yes. I worked as a greeter and wanted to seriously die the whole time. Standing up still for hours is worse than having to walk around and actually do things. The only people who liked being greeters was one lady and the teenage boys. The store was always understaffed and people would get pissy when we wouldn’t help them because we were not allowed to leave the door (mostly for counting customers and loss prevention reasons). But I think the most laughable thing was that Sears seemed to think that getting greeters just like Walmart does would help save their business. Then they tried to be hip by making employees wear rubber bracelets, buttons and baseball caps. Still baffles me how stupid corporates can be.

          • Blake Barrett

            Wal Mart caters to vampires. Why else would they have greeters at the door to invite their customers into the building?

          • Ophelia

            For some reason, greeters are very well-liked around here. Well, at Walmart, but I haven’t seen the level of dependence on them anywhere else. When a greeter goes on break, I see a few angry, frustrated people by the doors waiting to get greeted.

            I don’t know what it is Walmart does that causes greeters to bring in so much business that it justifies paying for one in every store, honestly.

      • Ophelia

        Not only that, but in some of these Chase banks, a lot of teller windows have been replaced by a hastily-assembled wall. It makes me think that Chase had done some massive layoffs because they figured these super-ATMs, or whatever they are (they don’t look like the normal ones outside, that’s for sure), would do the work of multiple tellers or something.

        Service gets slow at Chase because they don’t have the manpower, but I don’t hold it against anyone who works there. They’re trying their best under these circumstances and under the rules corporate requires them to follow.

  • “Next time I’m in here, she better be fired!!” Yeah, good luck with that one, dawg. NOBODY has the right to be fired just because a customer demands it. When will these people figure that out??

    • AussieEevee

      Normally I’d agree, and that’s how it is here but… I found this on Google.

      Utah is an “employment-at-will” state. This means that an employer may generally terminate an employee at any time and for any reason, unless a law or contract provides otherwise.

      In Utah, employers are not allowed to terminate an employee based on national origin, race, color, s3x, religion, pregnancy, disability or age.

      I only did a 5 second search though, so take it as that.

      EDIT: This damn filter is getting annoying…

      • AThornAmongRoses

        Yup, but unfortunately, that means they can fire you for any of the reasons you mentioned as long as they say it’s for another reason, like you messed up on something, and you can’t prove that it was for a reason like disability or religion or something like that. It’s why a former coworker asked me not to tell anyone else that she was bisexual when she told me about it, because she knew our bosses would find a way to fire her immediately.

        • QueenCheetah

          …seriously? Did your bosses think bisexuality comes with witchcraft powers or something? Wth… sorry you both had to put up with that.

          • AThornAmongRoses

            A lot of our bosses…including the one who hated us both, for whatever reason her twisted little mind came up with…were Christians, and neither of us were sure which ones…other than the awful one…were the ‘Being anything but straight is wrong, and you’re evil!’ kind. I still haven’t told anyone who knows either of us about what she told me, because I know she’s still in contact with most of them, despite moving away, and it’s not my place to out anyone unless they specifically ask me to tell someone about their orientation.

          • Akamar

            If they’re Mormon, pretty much.. There was a recent.. Policy… Out into effect that prohibits the baptism of kids being raised by homosexual parents… Because, basically, they “don’t want to tear apart families.” At least not until the kids are old enough to live on their own and denounce their parents lifestyle if they want to join.

        • Austin Blessing

          I’m not sure about utah, but in a lot of states firing a person for being gay is legal

          And 98% of all employment in the US is at-will employment, it isn’t as bad as it seems and there are a few rules that go with it.

    • Leiko Burningbear

      Morally, you’re right.

      Realistically, in most US states, it is legal to be fired for no reason whatsoever. So if you have a boss who doesn’t like you for whatever reason, they can fire you with the excuse of “you were rude to that customer” and there’s not a thing you can do about it.

      • Akamar

        It’s basically impossible to prove things like your productivity etc if they want to insist you just aren’t up to par.

  • AussieEevee

    Get a grip, lady. If you are in a hurry, the ATMs are right over there and there is a lot you can do through the phone banking app, or online. Your transaction falls outside of that? Then you wait. Like everyone else.

    You know what’s even more funny? Banks, stores, etc often use the POS systems to train their staff… so the OP could have been running through a training program on that computer. Which means the OP would have been busy and not allowed to help you anyway.

    The world does not revolve around you. It revolves around the sun. You are not the sun. Which means you can wait.

    • David Sandiford

      “I’m full of hot gas. Surely that’s sufficiently like the sun?”

      • sackes

        “Lets try putting a match against your body to see if that’s true. Either way, problem solved…”

  • Lila

    Hey, lady! “Next window, please” doesn’t mean “Insult the teller.” Learn to read.

  • Mushroom

    “brought her own cash” — muahahaha ahahaha, riiiight.

    • Vulpis

      Yeah. Kind of an indicator they’ve never worked at a job that handles money, ever.

      • sakasiru

        or that they don’t have any common sense.

  • MySickness

    You know, after reading Not Always Right for several years, I’m convinced that the vast majority of humanity is insane.

    • Will Flynn

      Welcome to my world. Only I decided that decades ago before the rest of the world caught up and caught on.

    • CyNical CyNthia

      My retail-working friend says that bats**t insane customers aren’t that common, but since they’re all condensed onto this site, it seems like there are a f**kton of crazy ones.

  • Adrian Mckeehan

    I wish tellers and cashiers were able to say “Back of the line you have to wait now.” and if the come back still ready to yell its back of the line again.

  • AsaeAmpan

    Lady, shut up and get out, you are hereby perminantly banned for being too stupid to enter this store. No you aren’t important, you will NEVER be important as such you treat others as humans or you shove it up your A$$

  • Tossaway

    “Ma’am, it works even better when she uses your cash. I trust you brought thousands of dollars with you? No? Guess you’ll have to wait then.”

  • Novelista

    More places should have “virtual tellers” like at my credit union’s headquarters. You know a “window” is open if the television screen is on, but you have no idea where the teller is or what they’re doing until the choose to flip the camera over.

    (Trouble is, little banks can’t afford it and big banks would rather line their pockets than keep their tellers safe.)

  • Denton Young

    “We are closing your accounts, you ignorant b****. You will receive a cheque by post for the balance. You are too stupid and rude to be allowed to bank with us anymore. Now get out.”

    • Stacy

      One of my clients used to manage a bank branch and he did exactly this to someone who was constantly belittling his staff.

      “It’s clear that we cannot provide the level of service you think you deserve so I will be closing your account.”

      • Denton Young

        Can we clone that client and put them in charge of every bank branch in the world? Please?

  • Jonathon Side

    If the ‘next window’ sign is… NEXT FREAKING WINDOW, DIPSH!T.

  • Nightshade1972

    Reminds me a little of the customers who’d come into the grocery store where I worked, on either Sat or Sun. They’d buy a couple hundred dollars’ worth of groceries, then act stunned when their payment was declined. “But I just put $3K in there this morning!” If it’s Saturday, depending on what time “this morning” was, it might not post until Monday. If it’s Sunday, it *definitely* won’t post until at least Monday, and probably Tuesday. Not my fault you play your finances that close to the vest.

  • Carl Collier

    Where are people coming up with these weird things? If the teller had thousands of her own money you think she’d be working? How the hell…is…where is the logic. Did they read somewhere online: “Tellers have THOUSANDS of dollars at home, make sure you go to banks and demand they use their money to help fund you!”

    • Ophelia

      In this case, the lady saw that as a solution to get around having to fill her drawer with cash. Nothing more to it. I doubt it ever crossed her mind that OP might not have that kind of cash laying around on a whim, that this would be illegal, or that OP would be putting herself at great financial risk. As far as the lady was concerned, it would’ve been a way to avoid delaying whatever it was she wanted to do.

      Basically, these people have a very simplistic view of the world, something like a little kid. They want something, they’re going to get it, and they want it now without thinking that it might not be feasible.

  • S123

    “I demand you fire the teller who refused to serve me! I don’t know her name, but she was the only teller there. I think it was a Tuesday.”

  • I wonder if such customers ever realize afterwards that they had said the stupidest thing ever. Bring your own money to the bank to hand out to customers? Really?

    • Ophelia

      Honestly, I don’t think they really care. They want their needs met, they want it immediately, and they won’t care how much everyone else has to suffer so they can get what they want 5 minutes earlier. Zero empathy.