Money/Family Matters

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My wife and I had similar upbringings but grew up with very different approaches to money. I save and am very risk-averse; she spends and enjoys it. We complement each other well; a few times a little extra savings has really helped us out, and if she didn’t push me to enjoy the money, we wouldn’t have the memories or experiences we have.

However, it can be a bind at times.

Wife: “I’m nipping out; I’m meeting [Friend] for a drink.”

Me: “Oh, sorry. I’ve had a drink already; I can’t drive you.”

Wife: “Oh, d***. It looks like rain, as well.”

Me: “Never mind. There should be cash upstairs in the bedroom. I keep it aside in case of things like this. You can take a taxi.”

Wife: “Oh! You were keeping it for a reason? I might have spent that on shopping.”

Me: *Sigh* “No worries. I have some change that might get you a taxi.”

Wife: “The change you had in the top drawer?”

Me: “…”

Wife: “Yeah, I spent that, too. Sorry.”

Me: “Might want to take an umbrella, then.”

She had to walk and did get drenched, but she still had a good time with her friend. I restocked the cash and she hasn’t “borrowed” it yet.

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