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I’m a 34-year-old man living on the opposite side of the country from my friends and family. I’ve always been kind of a loner and have found it hard to find people I’m really comfortable around. I also don’t go out much and work weekend nights only, so I usually spend my time by myself.

However, I’ve met a college student here who I have a lot in common with and we’ve formed a friendship. It’s an unusual relationship given that she’s only 19, but we appreciate each other’s company. We have lunch together once a week and sometimes she hangs out at my apartment where I cook for us and we play my video games.

It’s entirely platonic and neither of us is interested in a romantic relationship, but as a couple of loner gamers, it helps us both to have someone with whom to socialize.

I recently broke up with my long-term girlfriend for various reasons and I’m talking to my mother on the phone after having made lunch for my friend when she visited earlier that day. I sent my mother a picture of the steaks I made with my friend sitting at the table.

Mom: “I saw the picture you sent me. That looked like a nice meal you made for her. Are you two dating?”

Me: *Sigh* “No, Mom, I told you, we’re just friends and we’re only going to be friends. She’s not looking to have any relationship at this time and I’m not looking to start a new relationship since I probably will be leaving Michigan in a few months. Besides, she’s almost 15 years younger than me.”

Mom: “[Aunt] is fifteen years younger than [Uncle].”

Me: “Yeah, but [Aunt] was 29 when they met. They were both adults who were well established in their lives. [Friend] and I are in two entirely different stages of life.”

She saw my point, but she still isn’t entirely convinced that our relationship has zero romantic potential. I know she really wants me to find someone I can happily settle down with, but if I do, it will be with someone who can legally drink at our wedding.

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