Mom’s The Word

, , | Working | February 20, 2016

(I am the father of a six-year-old boy. I am also friends of a married couple and the four of us are looking at motorcycles and gear. The dealer is having a sales event and has some free t-shirts and individual bags of chips. My son is in front, I am behind him, and my female friend is a few steps behind me. We have literally just walked in the door.)

Saleswoman: *to me* “We are all out of your size, but would your son like a free t-shirt?”

Me: “Sure. [Son], say thank you.”

Son: “Thank you.” *sees snacks* “Can I have some [Crunchy, Orange Snack]?”

Saleswoman: *looking BEHIND me* “You’d better ask Mom first.”

My Friend: *still behind me* “I’m not his mom.”

Me: *gives saleswoman a dirty look* “Sure, [Son]. But you have to eat them later.”

(FYI: Dads CAN make decisions and not every woman near a kid is Mom!)

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