Mom’s Favourite Cookie

| Related | February 9, 2015

(My two sisters and I have always argued over who is my mother’s favorite. I am strapped for money at the moment and working full time while also going to school full time. I finally manage to find time to visit my mom and sit down to talk with her. Despite being on a recent health kick, she is currently munching on a box of cookies.)

Mom: “Here, have a cookie.”

Me: “Thanks! I haven’t had much time to eat today.”

(My mom pauses, and then thrusts the entire box into my hands. I stare at it a bit shocked as they are her favorites.)

Mom: “You know… your older sister bought that for me. And your younger sister brought me some pop and a pizza just earlier…”

Me: “That was nice of them… I’m sor—”

Mom: “But you’re my favorite.”

Me: “…I am? I haven’t gotten you anything.”

Mom: “Exactly. They want me to stay fat and eat poorly and die, so you are my favorite.”

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