Mommy Manager

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(Our restaurant is in the middle of a fairly busy shopping center, and the patio has folding shutter-doors so that in nice weather we can have an open-air patio. I’m a server, working with a manager who’s known to be less-than-mature in her approach to many issues. The restaurant is closing down; some people have begun sweeping and cleaning, and we’ve asked all remaining customers if they’d like anything else, and dropped checks on the tables to imply that they’re definitely not getting anything else. Most people have checked out, but there’s one table, a 30-something couple on a date who have been very friendly and polite the whole time, seated out by the railing next to the common area. I’m going to check for payment on their bill, and I notice that she is sitting across his lap and his hand is blatantly up her skirt, while they giggle profusely. I freeze, turn around, and immediately go to find my manager.)

Me: “So that couple on the edge of the patio there is definitely ‘fooling around,’ and for anyone to see. They haven’t paid their check. I’m not sure what to do.”

Manager: “What? Seriously?”

(She goes out and does a quick visual check across the entire patio, but comes back with a shocked look on her face, confirming she saw the same thing I did.)

Manager: “So, you dropped the check but they haven’t closed out yet?”

Me: “Yeah. I was too weirded out to approach them, but they definitely got their check a bit ago.”

Manager: “Okay, I’ll handle this.”

(She goes back outside, pretends to be checking things, while getting much closer to them this time. Then, as if noticing for the first time, puts her hands on her hips and strikes a semi-dramatic pose before literally shouting:)

Manager: “EWW!”

(That definitely got their attention, as they put some cash in and left immediately, still giggling. I’m glad it worked and didn’t lose me a tip, but I will never forget watching her shout at them like a teenager who walked in on their parents!)

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