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Moments Like This Are Golden

, , , | Hopeless | March 5, 2017

My daughters and I decide to meet my mother for lunch at a restaurant one weekend. After we arrive and are seated my mother texts telling me she is running late. I decide to go ahead and order for the girls while I wait for my mom to arrive. The waiter, a young man in his early twenties, nods as we place the order stating that he understands as he has kids, too.

Each time he stops by the table to check on us we joke about the children, mine and his, and eventually, my mom arrives. We eat our lunch as the kids have dessert.

Finally, at the end of the meal as we’re getting ready to pay the check, the waiter asks if we want to see a picture of his daughter. He pulls out his phone and shows us a photo. His daughter is a golden retriever puppy with her ears done up in hairbows!

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