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Momentarily Disoriented

| Related | January 3, 2014

Me: “Mum, Dad? I have something to tell you.”

Dad: “Oh. Are you gay?”

Me: “No. I’m asexual.”

(My parents go pale and rush out of the room. I feel awful and self conscious, and hide in my room for a few days. The time for the Pride Parade comes and my parents bang on my door.)

Mum: “[My Name]? Open up! You need to see this!”

(I open the door and see my parents and siblings in asexuality supporting T-Shirts and holding a black, grey, white and purple banner, which is the official asexuality flag.)

Dad: “Sorry we worried you. Your mother and I bought LBGT t-shirts for the parade. But, naturally, we couldn’t ignore your demographic!”

(I had a great time marching with my family, feeling comfortable as an asexual for the first time!)

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