Mom Won’t Give You That Final Quarter

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(I’m pretty short for a guy, a hair under 5’4″; only half inch taller than my mom. She is apparently envious of this as she flat out denies it and we have had this conversation at least three times before I was old enough to go to appointments without her.)

Tech: “How tall are you, [My Name]?”

Me: “Five foot, four inches.”

Mom: “[MY NAME], DON’T LIE!” *to Tech* “I’m sorry about this. He’s pretty insecure about his height.” *looks at me, expectantly*

Me: “Five foot, three and three quarter inches” *looks at Mom, to find her red in the face*

(The tech decided to just measure me herself, and wrote 5’4″ on her chart. I still have no logical reason as to why she said rounding down would be more accurate.)

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