Mom Should Move To England

| Working | November 12, 2013

(My mom and I are ordering in a popular burger chain at a mall food court.)

Mom: “…and a hot tea.”

(The worker prepares our order. I get a cold drink as usual, but mom gets curious when she sees that the worker is holding two cold drink cups.)

Mom: “Excuse me, that was supposed to be a hot tea.”

Worker: “It is.”

(She looks into the cup. It’s hot tea, but since he put it in a cold drink cup, the heat of the tea is causing the wax to melt off the cup and float in the drink. Later, my mom tries her luck again at another branch of the same burger chain, in another town.)

Mom: “…and a hot tea.”

(Once again, a meal for each of us. Mom’s drink is in the proper Styrofoam cup for hot drinks this time, but she notices there’s no tea bag in it.)

Mom: “You don’t use teabags?”

Worker: “Oh, this is just iced tea that we put in the microwave.”

(She then has to explain to the worker how to make a proper hot tea. My mom’s third attempt is at a Mexican chain in our hometown.)

Mom: “…and a hot tea.”

Worker: “I don’t think we have hot tea, but we have these little bags that you can open up and make tea with. Will that do?”

Mom: “…yes?”

(Seriously, what is it about the concept of hot tea that’s so hard to understand?)

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