Mom Is The Mayor Of Snooty-Town

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(My parents built their house when our suburb was still surrounded by farmland, much of which became entire suburbs of public housing in the years following. My parents tended to look down on those who had to live in public housing. I married a man who was from one of those suburbs, and as a result, my parents didn’t think much of his parents. They never said that much to them or my husband, and only things in passing to me. It’s the day of my father-in-law’s funeral. I see my parents drive past the chapel so go to meet them.)

Mum: “There aren’t many people here.”

Me: “They are all behind the chapel; you drove past them.”

Mum: “Are you sure? There were a lot of people there; I think some of them were leaving the last service.”

Me: “No, we are the first service today.”

Mum: “Oh, it must all be family, then.”

Me: “A lot of them are from the clubs he is in.”

(After the funeral, I see Mum talking to a man. I vaguely recognise his face, and as I approach, I see that he is the mayor of a nearby city.)

Mum: “[My Name], this is the mayor of [City].”

Me: “Hello, I am [My Name], wife of [Father-In-Law]’s son, [Husband]. We’ve not met yet, though I believe you know my husband.”

Mum: “What I want to know is why the mayor is attending this funeral? It’s only—”

Me: *cutting her off* “Mum! [Mayor] knew [Father-In-Law] through [Club].”

Mayor: “I am very sorry to hear of [Father-In-Law]’s passing; he’s going to be missed by a lot of people. He’s been the best treasurer that [Club] ever had.”

Mum: “He was treasurer? But…”

Me: “Yes, he was. Thank you for your kind words, but if you’ll excuse us, Dad and [brother] are waiting for [Mum] at the car.”

(I swear the mayor looked relieved as I lead Mum away.)

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