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Mom Loves To Trash Talk

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My mom has always been nosy. Very nosy. She is a certified Window Monitor and comments on everyone and everything, family member or not. She loves putting her nose in other people’s business. And she is always right — per her saying.

I bought a house and she came for a visit. She had to pick on something. She had to find something.

Mom: “You know, [My Name], you have this large dark green container in your workshop, full of stuff, all mangled up. It doesn’t look nice.”

I frowned, and then I realized she was actually referring to a trash container. My dad looked puzzled as he was trying to figure out what the heck she was talking about, obviously trying to locate, in his mind, a green container with mangled stuff.

Me: “Mom, that’s a trash can. Of course, it’s full of mangled things. It’s trash.”

Mom: “Well, you should tidy it up a little. It doesn’t look nice.”

My dad opened his mouth to say something, but he knew it was a lost cause and simply shrugged.

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