Mom Isn’t Kid-ding

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According to my mom, I was, for the most part, a well-behaved child. The issue was that when I misbehaved, she had no idea how to effectively punish me. Sitting me in a chair in a corner didn’t work because I had ADHD so I’d always be squirming, rocking, bouncing, fidgeting, etc., to the point that it was painful for her just watching. Sending me to my room also didn’t work because I’m an immersive daydreamer, so I would just run around my bedroom playing out daydream scenarios regardless of whether I had toys or anything else. On that note, trying to confiscate my Beanie Babies didn’t really have much impact, either.

She brought this up to a therapist I was seeing at the time, who suggested finding out my favorite things and taking those away. So she asked me for my five favorite things, which I happily rattled off. She then told me if I misbehaved, she would take Item 1 away, then Item 2, and so on. My response?

“No, Mom, you don’t get it. Those are my favorite things; you don’t want to take them away,” I said, and then I went back to casually jabbering about my favorite things and totally failing to understand her attempts to explain that was the point of the punishment.

I am very relieved on her behalf that I was a well-behaved child so she didn’t have to discipline me often. Otherwise, I do not know how my parents would have maintained their sanity.

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