Mom Is Way Out Of Line

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(It is the late 90s/early 2000s when I am a pre-teen shopping with my mom. My mom grabs only a drink from a cooler by the cash registers. I assume we are just going to join a nearby line for a cashier, but my mom instead marches up to the cashier, who is currently checking out another woman, and holds out her drink.)

Mom: “Ring this up for me.”

Me: “Mom! What are you doing?”

Mom: “I have one thing.”

Me: *meekly* “But there’s a line.”

Cashier: *looking quite startled* “Ma’am, I’m currently checking out this lady.”

Customer: *looking at my mom in disbelief* “What are you doing?!”

Mom: “I have only this. Ring it up!”

Me: “Mom, we need to get in line.”

Cashier: “Ma’am, I can’t stop in the middle.”

Mom: “I have only one thing. Fine, then!” *tosses roughly the amount needed for the cash at the cashier*

Me: *follows my mom, incredibly embarrassed* “Mom, why did you that?”

Mom: “I only had one thing. They can check out an old white woman quicker than that black with a cartful.”

(Whoever you were customer and cashier, I am so sorry on behalf of my closet racist of a mother.)

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