Mom Is Giving You The Crappy Jobs

| SC, USA | Related | June 3, 2017

(One of our cats gave birth six weeks ago, and until the kittens are big enough to have the run of the house, they’re living in an enclosed area in our basement. They’re having a little trouble learning to use the litter box, so we sometimes find “accidents” on the floor. We’re also trying to get them weaned — right now they eat twice a day in addition to nursing. Normally Mom feeds them, and while she’s there she notices any problems in their enclosure and deals with them. One day she has to rush out of the house around their lunchtime. I volunteer to do several chores including feeding the kittens, but I’ve already committed to doing a job online for pay within the next hour and a half, so I’m in a hurry. When she gets home, we have this conversation:)

Me: “Okay, I did the dishes and fed the kittens. One of them pooped on the floor, and I wasn’t really confident in my ability to clean it up plus I was in a rush, so I thought you or [Brother] might take a look at it.”

Mom: “Did you even TRY to clean it up?”

Me: “Well, no. All there was down there was paper towels, I didn’t know what I was doing, and besides, like I said—”

Mom: “God-d***-it, [My Name]!”

(She stomps downstairs muttering about “delegating” and how “she has to do everything.” My brother suggests that next time, even if I can’t get it all, I should do my best to clean it up before saying anything. The next day, Mom hurts her knee and wants to rest it by not going down the stairs, so I feed the kittens again.)

Me: “One of them pooped on the floor again. I did my best to clean it up but it left a smear behind.”

Mom: “All right, we’ll get down there and clean it better tomorrow.”

(The next day, Mom’s knee is feeling better so we go downstairs to clean the enclosure.)

Mom: “Look at this! Someone did a half-a**ed job of cleaning this cat s***, and it’s left a stain. That’s going to be permanent! If you’re not gonna do it right, just come get me!”

(So… when I came and got her, I was a lazy good-for-nothing who wouldn’t even try. When I tried, I was an idiot who should have just gone and gotten her. I suppose what I should have done was magically found a way to make pooped-on blankets pristine again in five minutes using only a damp paper towel. From now on I’m not even saying anything. Let HER find it, and unless she can prove it was there when I fed them last, it’s her problem.)

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  • Catherine Stone

    … Or you could learn how to clean up poop. This is one of those skills that literally everyone needs to know.

    • WonderRabbit

      I don’t have children and I poop in the toilet like a big boy. That skill is of no use to me.

      • heymoe2001

        Do you have a parent still living who may one day become dependent on you? A spouse? Have you ever been ill?
        There are many scenarios for poop needing to be cleaned.
        Even if you do only poop in the toilet, do you not clean it?

        • TicToc

          Oh so that’s how to do it – just use toilet cleaner on the kittens blankets, that’ll go well /s

  • kaeorin

    I don’t necessarily want to sound like OP’s mom here, but how hard is it to clean up pee/poop? If you knew there was a smear left behind, continue cleaning until the smear is gone.

    • Saah

      From what I understood, the poop was actually in a blanket. It’s pretty hard to clean that, especially with nothing but wet paper towels. Honestly, I think the mistake there was making the towels wet, because then a bit of poop probably seeped into the blanket, but I’ve never had to do it so I might be wrong.

      • Logcabinlv

        I agree that OP could make more of an effort, but by the same token, if you’re using a blanket for baby kittens, its probably not one of your best blankets (or at least it shouldn’t be), so why the fuss over a permanent stain? The kittens aren’t gonna care.

        • Saah

          Yeah, Mom is being completely unreasonable here. Sounds to me like she just likes to complain.

          Just to clear up future misunderstandings, I agree with both of the complaints… but a single person should pick one or the other.

        • Kathy Plester

          No but a smear of faecal matter can make people sick – anything that has shit on it from either human or animal should be washed IMMEDIATELY. How hard would it be to just take the blanket, stick it in the washing machine, or in a sink of hot water? OP just really can’t be bothered so they didn’t make that ‘leap’ of logic.

          • Deanna Klemm

            How hard would it be to take a blanket out from under kittens who may be sleeping? Very hard actually

          • Will Flynn

            No, really it is not. Pick the kittens up, remove the blanket, put ’em back down. Really, they get over it very quickly. And since many others have spoken about no or having some experience, I’ll toss in in the fact that I’ve got 55 years experience with cats. It’s just really not that hard unless you get into medical problems, like the eye infections that 2 out of 3 kittens got in my last rescue 3 years ago (rescued mama, who promptly gave me 3 new bundles of fur).

      • Catherine Stone

        Then you get the chunky stuff off and you wash the blanket in the washer if you have one. Again, not that difficult.

        • Saah

          Probably not difficult for you because you’re used to these steps. Me, I’m used to cleaning up poop from bathroom floors, but from the looks of the story OP didn’t even know how to do that. So, in the same way I have no idea how to use a washing machine, how much laundry detergent I should use for that, which configuration I should use for poop, and if washing only one blanket is a waste of water, I’m pretty sure OP would have even less knowledge over what to do, and yes, it would be that difficult.

          Now I agree with your other comment in that OP should definitely learn, but the whole kitty poop thing was not planned and had to be dealt with quickly. So yeah, lack of hindsight for a skill OP will probably need ten or twenty years later… But the kitty thing was definitely not a learning situation. Going in blindly is difficult and might do more harm than good (as it obviously did this time).

          Anyway, if we’re going to criticize OP, I’m wondering why it didn’t even cross OP’s mind to call for Mom on the second day to get instructions. She was just one floor above. It’s not hard to just ask her what to do and how.

          • Catherine Stone

            I admit, I grew up on a farm; I can’t imagine not being able to clean poop. We never had kittens, but we had baby goats, who can poop much higher and smear harder than most kittens can manage.

            But I fail to understand how someone older than 10 years old can’t figure out the basics behind how to clean a blanket or the floor. It’s simply not that difficult.

          • Saah

            But I just explained how. It involves operating a machine the person has never used before, to do something unusual. Of course it can be googled or asked about, but no, it’s not easy to just pull out of your ass “I should use five liters of water, in the configuration 4, with a cap full to the brim of laundry detergent, put in this particular place, with two black shirts that may or may not still leak colors, and use cold water instead of hot”.

            I mean, come on, the first time I tried to use a washing machine I put the blues with the greens like I’d seen my mom doing my whole life… And ended up staining my favorite shirt’s hem because it turns out blue jeans should actually go with the black clothes. And I was just washing clothes after a day of use, not trying to get rid of stains or biological waste. It’s not as intuitive as a whole life of you doing it makes it look.

          • Servali

            But why do they have to use a machine? It’s very easy to wash it by hand in a sink and doesn’t require too many skills.

          • Saah

            I’m not sure it doesn’t require too many skills, but if OP didn’t bring the blanket upstairs I guess there’s no difference between machine washing and hand washing. I’m guessing that blanket would need a replacement while being washed, added to OP just not bothering to do anything.

          • Catherine Stone

            … you read the directions. The ones on the washing machine, on the soap, on whatever it is you end up using on said blanket. Common sense.
            Back off. I’m not attacking you personally.

      • Kathy Plester

        Um … this might be pushing the boat out and a little out there but …. the blanket could be washed in hot water or in the washing machine.

        • Saah

          I’m not sure biological waste can go in the machine, and I doubt OP knew, either. What gets me is that first OP said floor and later said blanket – so if the blanket was being used as a floor, maybe there were things on top of it? This is totally speculation, though.

          • Kathy Plester

            Well you put your underwear in the washing machine in there and that’s covered in biological waste. And people put baby clothes in there covered in biological waste.

            And if there’s stuff on the blanket I dunno maybe it could be lifted off.

            This is probably exactly why OP’s mother is pissed off – OP doesn’t seem able to reach points of simple logic because they just really don’t want to do it.

          • Saah

            Actually in my home we have to pre-clean underwear before putting it in the machine. But yeah, OP definitely sounds like they couldn’t be bothered.

            Edit: forgot to mention it, but if there were things in the blanket and it was being used as floor, I imagine a replacement would be needed while it washed. Definitely a “call for mom who is literally upstairs” situation, but since it sounds like OP can’t be bothered to ask, it’s a pretty big deterrent.

          • Dontbeadork

            What the heck do you think we do with baby blankets and such? There’s plenty of “biological waste” there. OP is just being a brat, and working at being an idiotic brat as well.

          • Saah

            … pre-clean it… before putting poop together with clothes?

          • Kathy Plester

            I do know some people who do pre-clean and that;s fine. I can understand why some people might want to do that. But yeah either soaked in the sink of put in the wash. This kid is old enough for a job online they’re old enough how to wash clothes at least. And if by that age they still don’t know, no wonder Mom is so annoyed with them! I was helping with chores including the washing and separating lights and darks etc at eight or nine.

          • Saah

            … You’re right, I totally forgot the part about having a job. I was imagining OP as like, 15. Holy shit.

            Although I’m also old enough to have a job and don’t know how to use a washing machine, but at least I did my half of the chores. And honestly the only reason I haven’t learned it is because our machine is kinda dangerous to itself and sometimes starts toppling over… So it needs someone strong to use it, and that’s definitely not me.

          • Kathy Plester

            I was shown how to use a washing machine and was actively doing that as part of chores when I was 8 (when I was young I only did one chore at the weekend and when I got older I gradually got given more) . Your case is different Washing machines are expensive so I can understand not being able replace it even if it is dangerous BUT this may not be the case for OP. By 15 you should know how to use a washing machine and if they don’t I can see why his/her mother is so exasperated with them. You are a special case for knowing the machine. I doubt OP is. OP is old enough for a job, they’re old enough to now how to clean up something (it’s no different to cleaning up spilled sauce – it’s just gross) and that a soiled blanket should be put in the wash or soaked or something.

            Now I know OP says they are going for an online job but this is online and they have an hour and a half. That’s more than enough to do the dishwasher, feed cats and clean some poop.

          • Charlotte M Spurrill-Kayser

            I learned how to use a washing machine at 15 by reading the instructions on the inside of the lid. Got it right my first try! lol

          • Kathy Plester

            Yeah they’re not hugely difficult. Certainly not for a 15 year old, and OP must be at least that to have a paid job, even an online job.

    • Poop comes in many different shapes, sizes, and perhaps most importantly, consistencies.

  • Kathy Plester

    Yeah OP that is because the first time you literally could not be bothered, and when you did, you did a half-assed job whether on purpose so you wouldn’t get asked again or not (I mention this as a friend of mine admitted to doing this growing up). Not sure how to do it? Not sure you have the skills? It’s shit. If you genuinely weren’t sure, come up and ask ‘hey do we have a scoop or anything or is it just the paper towels?’

    We’ve all been there – been kids/young adults and not wanted to do a chore and have come up with all kinds of excuses not to do it. I did it as a kid. Your mother probably did too. So we know shitty excuse when we see one.

    Sorry, OP, no sympathy. Do the chore you’re asked to do, especially one that is fairly easy to do if you would just try.

    • Celoptra

      I don’t think she or he did an half-assed job. It just they didn’t know HOW to clean a blanekt OR clean up kittens poop.

      • Lou Miller

        Reposting from my other post.

        Kid is old enough to to have been hired to do a job online so the lazy worthless fucker is old enough to google how to clean up cat shit, and then clean it up.

      • Kathy Plester

        I’m sure they’ve been asked to mop stuff up before. It’s a simple chore. Kitten poop is admittedly more gross than moping up spilt food or whatever, but it works on the same principle. Scrub/wipe ’til it’s gone. OP just didn’t want to do it. It’s not a pleasant chore, I grant you. I never wanted to do it growing up either. But you’ve got to do it – suck it up butter cup. Not knowing how to do something this simple is a poor excuse and if they genuinely had zero idea why not ‘Okay, mom, what’s the best way to do this – there’s only paper towels?’ rather than ‘I wasn’t confident in my ability’. That right there is a poor excuse (I should know, me and my sister used it all the time when we didn’t want to do things). You weren’t being asked to run the space program. You were asked to clean up kitten poop. Also, they didn’t know how the clean a blanket? Do they also not know how they’re clothes get clean? Never heard of a washing machine? Or do they assume the clothes fairy does this?

        Sorry but OP is a bit of a brat in this one. Especially their end rant – they can’t understand why their mother is so frustrated with them? First time they didn’t bother because they weren’t ‘confident in their ability’ and they were ‘in a rush’. What could they possibly have going on that they couldn’t spend a few more minutes doing this? They got a job to rush off to to pay the bills? Kids to pick up from school? Dinner to put on? Then they do it and they do it badly. Your mother didn’t want that blanket cleaned in 5 minutes OP – they wanted you to get your shit together and use those brain cells. Use more paper towels, come upstairs for more, get a wet cloth if you have to, put the blanket in the sink and wash out the shit (seriously how hard is it for the brain to think ‘hmmm stained clothes can be washed out with water or a washing machine’). Christ my friends eight year old knows if he spills something on his shirt he should take it off and soak it in the sink.

        I feel sorry for their mother.

        • Ty

          So, take the blanket the kittens are sleeping on, that smells like them, and wash it, when literally no one told OP how to clean messes the first time and then just brushed off the second mess before proceeding to bawl them out over it the next day? “Hey mom, I don’t think I got it all.”
          “Well, did you try XYZ?” How hard is that? Shit like this is why I don’t help my mom either.

          • Kathy Plester

            They don’t need something that smells like them. They won’t die without it.

            And serious OP shouldn’t need to be told this. Like I said – it’s mopping stuff up. Surely they know how to do that. Surely they’ve wipe down a table before, or mopped up something they’ve spilled before.

            I’m sure this isn’t the first mess OP has ever been asked to clean. It is not difficult. And if they need their hand holding to learn to do every new thing, they are not going to last long out there in the big wide world.

          • Servali

            I don’t like OP’s attitude, but if their mother acted like that, it might be the reason for OP’s attitude. We just don’t know. I wouldn’t try anything either, if I knew I would get a scolding no matter what I did, but then again their mother might be just fed up if OP is lazy.

    • Saah

      I half agree with you there. The poop was on a blanket which made the whole thing be a different beast, OP probably didn’t even know it could stain. And when OP said the job wasn’t well done, the mom said they could try again tomorrow. But I absolutely agree OP should have come back up and asked the mom what should be done. There’s a whole world of difference between “hey I tried ok” and “hey I already cleaned most of the poop but how do I get rid of the smear?”.

      • Kathy Plester

        Okay but think about this – how do clothes get clean? Underpants can end up pretty nasty, how do those get clean …? Do you think it was really so far of a leap of logic to think to put the blanket in some water, or the washing pile at the very least and get a new one? Is it really so surreal a concept that ‘dirty soiled fabric can be washed in water/the washing machine’? It might have made it different but the solution was super simple.

        Cleaning poop up is gross, but it’s the same process of clearing up spilt anything. It’s simple. It’s not rocket science.

        • TicToc

          I have a pretty good feeling that OP’s mother would have found something wrong with that too.

          • Kathy Plester

            I don’t, but that’s difference of opinion for you. I personally think OP’s mother is so annoyed because this is a regular thing with OP ‘not knowing how to do things’ or doing a half assed job. That’s based on my experience because hey that’s all anyone’s got to go by. I’m also put off by OP’s little rant at the end. They clearly don’t understand what went wrong and make no attempt to try. It just reads as some bratty kid who cannot for the life of them understand why their parent is so frustrated and assumes it is because they were expected to clean the blanket in 5 minutes rather than take some simple initiative but hey. That’s just me. Speaking as a parent, who also spent many years working with children, and former bratty, moody teenager.

          • TicToc

            I have the exact opposite experience – they stop trying because it always get criticized for not being good enough.

          • Kathy Plester

            I didn’t say I was never criticised. I was. Frequently. But now I’m older, after experiencing the world – particularly the world of work, and seeing first hand how much half-assed efforts from indifferent co-workers can ruin your day before it even begins, I can see why I was being criticised and I can admit that yeah, a lot of the time I deserved it, and the times I didn’t were, 99.999% percent of the time, provoked by the string of times I was doing things worthy of being criticised.

            Let’s be honest here – OP really wasn’t trying. I’ve pointed out several times simple solutions and there really is no excuse. They weren’t hard chores. I can see why her mother is frustrated. OP needs to get their ass in gear.

  • Anne

    If the kittens aren’t making it to the box, they probably need a smaller box.

    But six weeks is awfully young for litterbox training and weaning anyway. IIRC, at that time, the kitten’s eyes are barely open. They shouldn’t be weaned until 8-10 weeks at least.

    (Edited to change months to weeks, oops.)

    • Elizabeth Whitman

      no, their eyes are open at 2 weeks. they can start eating canned cat food in addition to nursing as early as 3 weeks, you can introduce a litter pan at 4 weeks, and fully weaned and not nursing/bottle feeding by 6-7 weeks, ready for new homes at 8 weeks.

      • Amber Wilkinson

        I wouldn’t give them away quite that early, but the rest of it sounds good. Not that I’m speaking from experience. All my pets have been neutered, frequently before we got them; my family tends to take in animals other people don’t want anymore. (Moved, owner died, or in one case, attacked everyone who got within 10 feet. Great cat, once he chilled out a little.)

      • TicToc

        Nope best age is 12 weeks.

        • Elizabeth Whitman

          I agree, but most people want to get rid of them by 8 weeks. Certainly not 8 months like previously said in original comment.

    • heymoe2001

      10 months? No. Cats are weaned by 8 weeks.

    • Sandy Pham

      10 months? That’s when they get pregnant!

    • Dontbeadork

      No, they’re being rehomed well before that 8-10 month deadline. Or did you mean 8-10 weeks? Four weeks is when they should be starting the weaning process, but it can be done earlier.

      • Anne

        Yeah, I meant weeks.

        Maybe I was thinking about when they’re supposed to be fully weaned, which is by 8-10 weeks of age.

    • Aimee M

      Where are you getting that information? Kittens ARE generally finished weaning around 6 weeks, although they should continue to stay with their mother another few weeks after that to learn things like how to properly use a litterbox. Kittens open their eyes 7-10 days after they’re born, not 6 weeks later.

  • NatesMama1128

    Is the OP a young child? Because otherwise this isn’t Mom’s fault, dear.

    • Medusa Jordan

      Old enough to write perfectly well and then find a site to post it on!

      • NatesMama1128


  • Serabeth

    Uh, so if you don’t know how to do it, then go watch your mom do it so you know how to next time. I understand you didn’t know how to, but it’s certainly a skill you can learn.

  • ittybittyphoenix

    Because if your parents are abruptly unable to do a chore, you must not only be willing to do it immediatley but 100% proficient at it!

    My mom was like this. I mean, sure, looking back a lot of stuff I failed at was easy enough. But people mistake life experience for common sense. And if someone hasn’t bothered to show you, teach you or encourage you to ask for help, it’s kind of hard to instantly acquire knowledge.

    Typical conversations:
    “I’m late for work load the dishwasher-”
    “ok mom…”
    “why didn’t you run the dishwasher? You could tell it was full! And you didn’t pre-rinse the glasses! They’ll get spots! And my good knvies do NOT go in there!”
    Um…maybe because you’ve never bothered to tell me any of this, so I didn’t know?

    Kids make mistakes. And if you don’t know something, you DON’T KNOW IT. Hard to ask “what is the best way to keep this from staining” if you didn’t know it COULD stain.

    • Lou Miller

      Kid is old enough to to have been hired to do a job online so the lazy worthless fucker is old enough to google how to clean up cat shit, and then clean it up.

      • ittybittyphoenix

        I’m so sorry the internet is age restricted where you live. Must be why you’re so cranky.

        • Lou Miller

          I see reading comprehension isn’t one of your strengths.

          What I actually did was make an observation based on the OP’s statements.

          OP: “I’ve already committed to doing a job online for pay”

          If the OP is old enough to be hired to do a job on the internet all by him/herself, the the OP is also capable of using Google to find out how to clean up cat shit with no help from anyone else.

          The only age “restriction” I was referring to was the one established by the federal child labor laws which is 14 where the OP lives.

          Even if this wasn’t an official employer/employee job and was instead something a friend/relative/etc was paying the OP to do for extra cash the same argument is still valid.

          If the OP is is old enough to be able to provide someone a service online for money, the OP is also capable of using a search engine to learn how to clean up cat shit.

      • WonderRabbit

        It’s the Internet. 12 year olds can get jobs on the internet. We don’t have enough info to know anything about this job, you arrogant worthless presumptuous fucker.

      • Kelly Luper

        I was working online when I was 11, doing research for a relative on which domain names were available. (This was awhile ago. Literally the last millennium.)

        At 11 I knew how to do laundry, because I lived with my dad in the summers and he ruined one of my shirts when I was eight, so I learned. But i wouldn’t have known if you could replace the blanket the kittens were lying on. I’ll be honest, I still don’t know the ‘proper’ way to clean shit (literal or figurative) out of the carpet. I do my best but I’m sure my mother would be horrified that I don’t know when to soak something up vs pat dry vs cover in baking soda, etc.

      • cylon_toast

        Yes, but the mom seems like the kind of mom that wants stuff done her way and nobody else’s. Also, there is a difference between knowing how to clean shit and knowing how to clean it without making it in any way harmful for kittens.

    • Leiko Burningbear

      My mother is one of these. She’ll tell me to do something I’ve either never done before, or only done once of twice ages ago. Then she gets pissy when I ask how to do it properly. “Common Sense” to her is “I Have No Idea How To Do This” to me.
      And with my mother, I can’t just Google how to do something. I have to do it exactly Her Way. Other methods are Unacceptable to her.

      On the subject of dishwashers. Mom once asked me to do the dishes when I was a kid. I’d never been taught how to use a dishwasher. I knew how to pack it, and the various buttons were clearly labeled, but I hit a snag with figuring out what soap to use. I went for regular dish soap. I ended up mopping floor that day as a result.

  • heymoe2001

    What’s so fucking hard about cleaning up cat shit?
    You are a lazy jerk!

    • Gabby Signs

      OP is lazy because s/he doesn’t know to do something?

      • Will Flynn

        Yup. Because it is sooooooooooooooo hard to do that. And there are no tools, anywhere, to help learn how to do this routine, mundane task. I’ll also, just because I am the generous type, throw in the entitled mentality of the OP – I’ve committed to a paying job! Uh huh. Because earning a little bit of what is provided by the parents isn’t pay at all you whiny ungrateful biotch.

        • Wendigone

          Parents agree to have child. Parents commit to responsibility of taking care of it. Child does not owe them jack shit for that, other than basic respect, and quite frankly only an asshole scolds a child for trying to HONOUR WORK COMMITMENTS and be a responsible human being. That’s something a lot of children and teens never learn.

          You wanna talk entitlement, take a peek at the hypocrite of a mother who bitches at her child to ‘at least try’ then leaves what’s left to set and bitches at the child for having tried.

          • Will Flynn

            Wrong. Next.

          • Wendigone

            You sound like a petulant child.

          • TicToc

            He *is* a petulant child.

          • Will Flynn

            Well, to someone with an entitlement complex that would be true. But to an old man, a career army vet, someone who started working and contributing when he was four, someone who raised four children to fully functioning, contributing adulthood – not so much. But I understand you wouldn’t understand about *any* of that. I sense no opportunity to teach you better so all you rated was two words. By the way, a petulant child would be…the OP. Not recognizing that is what put you in the “entitlement complex” sub genre of humanity.

          • ShadeTail

            Oh my, what a precocious child you were, mastering all that by yourself, and *without* any kind of training or teaching, naturally. So in light of you apparently being Jesus Christ or something, certainly the rest of the world has no right to fair treatment and reasonable expectations.

            And you accuse others of having entitlement complexes? You are a walking entitlement complex, throwing out your ignorant opinions and getting passive-aggressive nasty when people have the gall to point out where you’re wrong.

      • heymoe2001

        Yes. Cleaning up a mess is something we learn to do when we are 2 or 3. Anyone older than that who doesn’t do it at all once and then does it half assed the second time is just being deliberately obstinate and/or lazy.

        • TicToc

          Nope, not when mom haven’t bothered to teach them. That’s on *mom*.

  • Leiko Burningbear

    I think a lot of commenters are being overly harsh on OP.

    Cleaning poop off a blanket is significantly different from cleaning poop off a bare floor. And you need more than just paper towels to properly clean poop, regardless of what surface it’s on.
    OP’s mother never taught them how to properly clean poop. Could OP have asked for a lesson? Yes. And OP probably should have asked their mom how to do it. But they didn’t ask, and their mom didn’t offer to teach them.

    There are a lot of factors here we don’t know. OP’s age, for one. You can get work doing things online as a teenager, depending on the job. Teens don’t always think logically. Neither do some adults, for that matter. Not an excuse, but an explanation.

    The main issue of this post is OP’s Mother’s contradictory instructions. Regardless of OP’s lack of cleaning skills, the mother first yelled a them for not even trying to clean the poop. The next time, OP did try to clean (doing the best they could with only paper towels and no cleaning knowledge) but didn’t get it completely cleaned up. They told their mother of the poop-smear right away. The mom decided to leave it be until the next day. The mom decided not to instruct OP in how to finish cleaning at the time. The mother then yelled at OP the next day after seeing the poop smear, and contradicted their earlier “did you even try” hissing with “just come get me” hissing.

    And for those saying OP could just Google how to clean cat poop…technically probably true. But what if OP’s house doesn’t have whatever cleaning products the tutorials call for? What if they don’t own a washing machine? What if there’s some reason unmentioned in the story that washing the cat blanket isn’t an option? We just don’t know.

    OP isn’t entirely innocent here. But OP’s mother is at fault for not teaching their child how to do an essential life skill. OP’s mother is at fault for giving contradictory instructions about how to handle a mess. OP’s mother is at fault for putting off dealing with the second “half-assed” mess ’til the next day.
    I sympathize with OP far more than I do their mother.

  • 4302

    Trying to wean the kittens? Is that really necessary? We’ve never had to do that. We’ve just provided them with free access to food and water and let the mother deal with feeding and weaning on her own.
    Our biggest problem was keeping older kittens who had moved in before the female got pregnant from suckling on her when she had her own kittens to feed.

    • Charlotte M Spurrill-Kayser

      Yeah…in my experience, mother cats can and will handle weaning all on their own.

  • CheshireBat

    Sounds like a family with a crappy attitude.

  • Sal Wolffs

    Why is everyone jumping down OP’s throat? First time, they did the common sense thing by trying not to make it worse. Second time, they did the best effort thing by doing what they could (and followed [Brother]’s advice since Mom didn’t bother giving any).

    Cleaning shit might seem obvious if you know how to, but if you’ve never done it, you have no idea how long it’ll take, and what will suffice. Shit is a biohazard, so if you want to be safe while not knowing what you’re doing, you’ll overclean (which OP didn’t have time for). You might also use the wrong cleaning supplies for the job, making matters worse or needing way longer than with the right supplies (I once wasted 30 minutes until someone told me to use acetone, after which I was done in 30 seconds). And throwing a rug in a washing machine is correct, but unless you’ve done it before, you might not think of it the way you would in the case of dirty clothing.

    The first time you might be able to blame OP, *if* you consider breaking a professional commitment better than leaving an unexpected household chore until someone who know how to deal with it was available.

    The second time, no, that’s squarely on the mother. She should’ve taught OP how it should be done the first time, when it became obvious OP lacked a life skill.

  • Bethany Lieflijk

    “If we could learn everything we needed from the internet, we wouldn’t need schools.”

  • cylon_toast

    Okay, for everyone saying “it’s logical” or “it’s common sense” obviously doesn’t know it’s not common sense for everyone. Many people think differently than you do and you might have different experiences that make you have enough information to know how to do this task.

    Also, if someone has something done for them all the time then they would never think to ask how to do it because they’ve never been expected to know. And if they were never expected to run the washing machine for instance they may not think of it as an option because it wouldn’t be part of their stream of thought as they never had to think of it before. I mean, if my mom always did the laundry I’m never going to go up to her one day and ask if I could do the laundry because it would never be something I think about as it was never something I was responsible for.

    And for people saying “I knew how to use the washing machine when I was 8” well, then good for you, that’s a great skill to know, I only learned when I was in my early 20’s because my parents never taught me.

    Lastly, OP’s mom sounds like the kind of person who likes things done her way and her way only so googleing it would be out of the question as it might tell OP how to do it the “wrong way”.

    • No Days Off

      My ex was like that- you’d as “hey can you wash the dishes?” and he wouldn’t do them because he didn’t understand what was meant. He had ADHD and some other mental disorder…

  • rebelwithmouseyhair

    If you leave the mother cat there, she cleans it up for you. And you should not “try to get the kittens weaned”, you must let the mother deal with that. She will bring them bits of food she has chewed for them, and they will be eating food and weaned by three months. Any separation earlier than that is cruelty to animals.

    • Wendigone

      Yep, separating kittens from mommy is never a great idea, except in cases where she’s being violent toward them. Gross as it might be, she’ll lick up the mess. And she’ll also make sure the kittens stop trying to get milk once it starts hurting her.

  • KashyaCharsi

    It would be just as easy for the mom to say “do it this and this way next time” or “come and watch how I do it” instead of getting hissy about it.

    • TicToc

      But then all the people on here wouldn’t have anything to get prissy with OP for because mom had done her job? The horror.

  • Eric Rexford

    Why is stuff like this even being posted on this site? I thought the whole point to this site was idiot customer stories from people working with the public.

    • No, Not Always Related has always been about family stuff.

    • KashyaCharsi

      Customer stories, employee stories, romantic partner stories, teacher/student stories, relative stories and friend stories.

  • OP picked the best way to avoid being crapped on in the end.

  • TheMjohann

    I got to ask, paper towels only? You didnt go look for a bucket, a rag and some soap? Pick up what you can with the paper towels, do not press down. Damp rag along the grain of the carpet, soapwater and a more deep scrub. I have had plenty cats, this is how you get it clean. Unless it is a shag carpet, then it is almost a lost cause if the poop is the runny kind.

  • Katrina O’Shay

    Interesting strategy for dealing with her, but I have a better one: talking it out. If she doesn’t understand why she’s making your life hell, she’s just gonna keep on doing it.

  • Medusa Jordan

    You picked the classic ‘oh I won’t really try because I hate doing it anyway and then she won’t tell me to do it again’. Passive aggressive. No wonder your mother was annoyed.

    • TicToc

      And the mom earned it.

  • Xena

    If you want a blanket to stay 100% stain free maybe it’s a bad idea to use it as bedding for young kittens that aren’t fully litter trained. Use something older where it doesn’t matter if it gets a few stains.

  • Abigail Hermione Irwin

    I don’t know if I’m missing something, but I do not understand the OP’s crankiness, nor their excuses. “I wasn’t confident in my ability to clean it up”? Ditto for the “there was only paper towels down there and I didn’t know what I was doing.” Seriously?
    I’ve lived with cats all my adult life; cleaning up their messes is not rocket science. The first time, okay, there was a time-sensitive job that had to be done, but … you couldn’t do it afterwards? And the second time … no. That’s just a lame excuse that translates into “I don’t like doing this job, so I’m not gonna do it.”

    As for the blanket, there’s this amazing invention called a washing machine. I’ve used it on cat stains and also when my siblings puked when I was babysitting them. Because it beats leaving a disgusting mess lying around for others to deal with.

  • tulip_poplar

    Reminds me of that episode from “The Office”:

    Ryan: Hey, Pam? I just wanted to let you know; I’m totally on your side with the whole microwave situation.
    Pam: Thank you.
    Ryan: I was just back there, to make some cup-o-soup; the thing is still a huge mess.
    Pam: I know, can you believe it?
    Ryan: Yeah, it’s crazy. But, I guess the thing is at some point, notes or no notes, someone’s gonna have to just get there and clean it up.
    Pam: I guess that’s why we have a temp, huh?
    Ryan: Ah ha ha, oh no, trust me. I would just make it worse.
    Pam: How would wiping it with a paper towel make it worse?
    Ryan: I— I would find a way.
    Pam: You’ve seen things cleaned before though, right?
    Ryan: I— Pam, I am hopeless at that stuff I… I, uh…

  • Jen Finlay

    Can I be honest….all I hear is a whiny brat. Who is butt hurt because their Mum called them out for doing a half assed job.
    I wish you sincere good luck when you get into the real world.

  • UrbanDweller64

    I’m lucky that my mom and dad allowed us to do the chores our way. But if we didn’t do them to their liking, we were shown how to do it correctly the next time. I had one friend who’s mom used to get angry if they started doing it not to her liking and then she would do it instead. Not the right way to teach your children!

  • allahboleh

    My dad was exactly like this. It was always a no-win proposition for me. My favorite was the paired: “Don’t make me repeat myself” and “If you didn’t understand you should have asked”

  • Kirishima Touka

    My mom moans at me when I leave the stove a mess, then the next day tells me off for cleaning my mess on the stove because I wasn’t going to do it to her standard. How about you show me how to clean it ‘properly’ instead of expecting me to instinctively know?

  • Tänya Kirkle

    I hope you got that cat spayed later, OP.

  • Christine

    Mistake #1 was not having your cats neutered.