Mom Is Being A Donut

, , , | Right | November 13, 2020

I work at a donut shop but my dad prefers a different one from the one I work at. So, my dad, my mom, and I pull into the drive-thru at this other donut shop because my dad wants some donuts. My dad makes his order at the speaker and pulls up to the window, and my mom decides she wants a donut, too.

Mom: “Do you have Bavarian cream?”

Worker: “Yes, we do; would you like one?”

Mom: “Well, what is it?”

Worker: “It’s like a Boston cream or a custard.”

Mom: “No, what is it?”

Worker: “The cream is like a vanilla pudding; it’s yellow.”

Mom: “No. What is it?”

The worker begins to explain the definition of a donut. I am irritated with everyone, so I roll down my window.

Me: “Sorry she’s being confusing. She means to ask what is on top.”

Worker: “Oh! Powder.”

Mom: “Okay, I’ll have one!”

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