Mom Has No Filter

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(In the Netherlands, you can put a sticker on your mail slot that tells mail deliverers if you want advertisement brochures and newspapers or not. They’re generally referred to as yes/no or no/no stickers, respectively for brochures and papers. My mom and I jokingly refer to them as spam filters.)

Me: “Hey, Mom, have you gone to the post office yet to get us one of those stickers? We got another load of brochures in that I can throw out right away. I’m getting tired of it.”

Mom: “Yeah, I went there and I asked if they had them but they just looked at me weirdly and said they didn’t know what I was talking about. I guess they didn’t have them, then.”

Me: “Oh, weird. Wait… What did you exactly ask for?”

Mom: “I asked for spam filters of course!”

Me: *facepalming* “Mom… They are not really called spam filters.”

Mom: “They aren’t?”

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