Mom Burst Her Pipes

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(Growing up, my mom was a Tiger Mom: always demanding me to excel in schoolwork, and berating me if I got a low score. I am in elementary school, and we have to take a test. This test isn’t graded, but it shows which job will suit you best according to your personality. I am surprised by the results, and go home dreading what my mom will say. I know that I have to tell her; if I lie, my punishment will be greater.)

Mom: “And how was school? Did you take any tests?”

Me: “Yes.”

Mom: “What score did you get?”

Me: “It wasn’t scored; it just shows me which job I should get.”

Mom: “Oh, interesting. So, what did you get?”

Me: *mumbles* “A plumber.”

(Mom nearly fainted! After Dad caught her and she recovered, she said no child of hers would ever clean pipes for a living. She kept saying how disappointed she was in me, and how she didn’t suffer hardships to come to the USA to have her children work in dirty jobs. She then berated me for weeks after about my results. Dad talked to her, and she told me that her mom was also a Tiger Mom, and that she would always push her to do her best, and that’s why she did it, too. But that stops with me!)

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