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Molding Your Gender Expectations

| Working | December 30, 2014

(My new boss is showing me and another new hire around the office on our first day in an IT programming role. I and the other new hire are both female; everyone else in the office is male. He shows us the kitchenette and opens the door of the fridge, to find that the inside of it is covered in a thick layer of mold.)

Me: “Woah, that thing is gonna need its own ID card soon!”

Boss: “Ah, for f***’s sake! Those lads are terrible for never cleaning this thing. I don’t know whether to get it cleaned or just get rid of it. Even if it gets cleaned they’d only wreck it again. Would you two use it?”

Us: “If it gets cleaned, yeah, we’d use it.”

Boss: “Okay, well, if you two ladies are volunteering to clean it, I’ll send an email round to the lads saying not to let it get that dirty again. Cheers, girls!”

Us: *speechless*

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