Molding Young Minds

, | Working | July 24, 2013

(I am in my first job at a custard stand.One of the bosses stops by with a special list of chores.)

Me: “This one says, ‘remove mold from the shaved ice flavors’. What’s that?”

Manager: “Oh, just take the mold out.”

Me: “What mold? I haven’t seen anything green in the bottles. That’d be gross!”

Manager: “Oh, it’s not green, since the flavoring is dyed. But you can easily see it, as it clumps together.”

Me: “I’m adamant I haven’t seen anything like that.”

Manager: “Oh, no, I’ll show you. There! That’s a large lump of mold!”

Me: “Uh… that’s mold? Not flavoring?”

Manager: “Yes, yes.”

Me: “You know we’ve been selling shaved ice with these flavors for the past three months?”

Manager: “Of course. Why wouldn’t you?”

Me: “And you… didn’t think to order flavors without mold?”

Manager: “No, I wanted to finish up last year’s supply first.”

Me: “And you… didn’t think to tell us that was mold?”

Manager: “No. Why? Does it matter?”

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