Modern Dressing Hits Like A Bolt From The Blue… Or Pink

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(My mom and I are doing our weekly grocery run to get stuff for my infant daughter. As we are ringing up our purchases, another older couple comes up behind us and smiles at my daughter sitting in the cart.)

Man: “Oh, what a cute little boy. Hey, little fella!”

Woman: “That’s a little girl.”

Man: “No, it isn’t.”

Me: “Yeah, she’s a girl.”

Man: “But… she’s wearing blue!”

(My daughter is wearing a dark blue onesie. I look down at my men’s jeans and combat boots.)

Me: “That doesn’t mean anything. She plays with cars as much as she does her tea set. And I use power tools more than my husband does.”

(My daughter took this moment to pick up her pink security blanket and start sucking her thumb. The lady was laughing at this point. The guy looked SO embarrassed, so I cut him a break and finished checking out without further comment.)

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