Modern-Day Presidential Thinking

, , , , , | Working | December 18, 2019

(The produce manager of my store relates a story from a recent visit from the company president and other corporate bigwigs. They stop in front of the bottled juice case in the produce department.)

President: “Why isn’t this full?”

Produce Manager: “This brand is really popular, and I order a lot of it, but the warehouse doesn’t stock enough so I don’t get everything I order, and it sells out quickly.”

(The president thinks a moment and then lifts his finger in the air like Archimedes in the bathtub: “Eureka!”)

President: “Order more!”

(The corporate bigwigs walked away, leaving the produce manager baffled and frustrated. If there is anything I’ve learned from working retail, it’s that the smartest people are the ones actually working in the stores, not corporate.)

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