Modern Day Flirting Is Sink Or Swim

| Romantic | January 23, 2014

(I am about 13. My friends and I go to the pool. A boy keeps picking on me by throwing and pushing me in any chance he gets.)

Boy: “You’re so tiny! It’s so easy to just do this!”

(The boy grabs me and throws me in again. After a while of this I go sit down because I am getting fed up of it. The lifeguards refuse to do anything about his rough housing. I notice him by the pool and take the chance to push him in. Unfortunately, I don’t see the kid directly in front of him in the pool.)

Boy: *gets out of pool and checks his mouth* “I lost half my tooth!”

(He had tried to avoid landing on the other boy and hit his tooth on the edge of the pool, breaking it clean in half! I was banned for a week for rough housing, but was so ashamed I never returned to the pool. My friend who could still go, however, came to see me after going to the pool later that week.)

Friend: “Hey! Remember that guy you pushed into the pool?”

Me: *completely ashamed* “Is he okay? Is he still mad?”

Friend: “No! He’s fine! He said his dentist heard the story and fixed his tooth completely free of charge! They found it in the pool and put it back and he’s fine.” *she leans in and starts nudging me* “He was asking about you though. He is sad you won’t come back to the pool, ‘cause he wanted to ask you on a date!”

Me: *shocked* “So I broke a boy’s tooth and he wants a date?”

Friend: “You always find the weird ones!”

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