Moaning About Immigrants While Eating A Kebab Doesn’t Give You A Leg To Stand On

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(I get a kebab and join two ladies at a standing table in front to eat. It’s a basic counter-only place, so the three standing tables are where everybody eats. A man with crutches, missing a lower leg, joins. In order to eat, grabbing the kebab with both hands like everybody else, he rests his —  fully-clothed — upper leg stump on his crutch and sets his elbows on the tabletop. All nothing to write home about, but this seems to disgust the other two ladies at the table. They scoff and scowl, and as the man ignores it, they finally speak up.)

Lady #1: “This is disgusting.”

Lady #2: “Yeah, talk about losing one’s appetite!”

Lady #1: “You should be ashamed. Can’t you eat somewhere else so you don’t bother other people?”

(The man, hardened by such stuff it seems, ignores them, but I feel like I can’t.)

Me: “Are you listening to yourself? How can you say such things and still think you are in the right?”

Lady #1: “Well, if you don’t mind eating next to something disgusting that’s your business. It is simply our opinion that people like that should not flaunt their abnormalities around where everybody can see them.”

Me: “Well, sure, you are free to speak your mind, but with this ‘opinion’ you are just discriminating a**holes.”

Lady #2: “I can’t believe it. How dare you?! This is what Germany has come to, with all the immigrants and such!”

(Mind you, the guy is not in any way foreign-looking, not that that should matter.)

Lady #2: “How can you expect us to eat while he waves his disgusting stump around?”

(The dude is eating his kebab rather fast and does not acknowledge the whole thing.)

Me: “Yeah, you should not eat in his presence. I agree.”

(I know it’s not right, but I am just so angry. In a quick motion, I sweep the rest of their two kebabs from the table; they splatter over the outdoor pavement. The one-legged dude finally looks up from his food and starts laughing. The two women freeze and then explode into curses. They demand that someone call the police, that I should be arrested for destruction of property, assault, terrorism, whatever comes to their mind. Other diners look, one shouts for them to zip it, some laugh. One lady even starts pushing me, and another guest comes up and pulls her away. The employees come out from behind the counter and tell them to stop shouting. The man with the crutches stops laughing and holds up one hand:)

Man: “Stop, all of you. Stop. Here, I’ll pay for your food.”

(He got his wallet and handed [Lady #2] a 20€ bill, at least double the amount of what the two kebabs had cost. They sputtered but took the money without hesitation. They kept cursing, but left, as other diners were telling them to get lost, as well. I turned to the employees and offered to sweep up the food, but they were already at it and were all smiles. One told me that what I’d done was awesome. The man with the crutches handed me a can of soda and we chatted a bit. He’d lost his leg as a teenager due to an infection. We parted and he thanked me again, saying that I’d really made him feel like not all people are s***.)

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