Moaning About A Hire Power

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(I work in a home improvement store. It’s 8:30 on a Saturday morning during a summer hiring fair. I’m the only cashier due to the other cashier requiring a break and the supervisor running the hiring table. Four people decide to all check out at the same time. While I’m ringing up the first person, I overhear two of the others talking.)

Woman #1: “I can’t believe they only have one cashier! I hate waiting.”

Woman #2: “And they don’t have self-checkouts open, either.”

Woman #1: “Well, I won’t use them. If you can’t get me a cashier; I’m out of there!”

Woman #2: “Yeah! I won’t use them, either. They’re just trying to fire all cashiers and replace them with machines. And the ones they do have are paid $8 an hour and get no insurance. They just want to keep people on government assistance!”

(During her rant, I finish with the previous customer, and it is now her turn. She keeps ranting for another five minutes while I try to get her attention. Finally, another customer gestures to her that it’s her turn. She completely ignores me, while still ranting to the second woman about how her aunt won’t use ATMs or debit cards because they take jobs away from bank tellers, and how she just can’t believe we only have one cashier. The second woman is agreeing with her on all of her points. After she leaves, I ring up the second woman.)

Woman #2: “You should really hire more cashiers.”

Me: “Yes, that’s why we’re having a hiring fair, right inside the entrance.”

Woman #2: “Oh.”

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