Mo-Dum, Part 2  

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(I work tech support for an Internet provider in the upper Northeast, but I work tech support for it in Texas. This particular Internet provider has two different branches, one for the northeast under one ISP name, and another for other areas of the country under a slightly different ISP name. Many customers get them confused thinking they are the same company.)

Customer: “Yes, I am a business customer and I’m trying to set up my old modem from my old location to our other business location.”

Me: *looking up customers’ info in our database* “Ma’am, I only see one DSL line listed under this account name. Did you set up new Internet service at the new location?” 

Customer: “Well, I took the old modem and computer from our other location and brought them both here to this location. I have Internet service with you guys at both locations.” 

Me: “Okay. Wait a sec. Let me get this straight. You are trying to take a computer modem that is assigned to a certain DSL line number, under [Internet Service Provider #1], authenticated under [Internet Service Provider #2] and trying to set it up at a new location? As in, you are trying to take a modem and computer and plug it in at a new location, plugging it into a phone line which has a completely different Internet service provider, different DSL line number, different account, and expecting it to come on and access the Internet?” 

Customer: “Yes. We have Internet at both locations.” 

Me: “I understand, ma’am, but those are different accounts with different DSL line numbers and different Internet service providers. You cannot just take the modem from one location and plug it in somewhere else and expect it to work. If that were possible, then everyone would just take their modem with them when they moved, plug it in, and it would work. They’d never have to cancel their service and reconnect at a new address, and everyone could just get Internet service for free, or under the old user’s info. Modems need to stay at the location they are provisioned for.” 

Customer: “Oh.” 

(Yeah, you can’t just take a modem, plug it in anywhere, and expect it to work. Modems go with your assigned Internet service provider. You can’t just swap them out.)


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