MMORPG = Mindless Magnanimity Origins Roommates Paying Greatly

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(My husband and I have a housemate. This housemate is also my co-worker and a friend of ours. We have been playing [Popular Multiplayer Online Game] off and on for years. The game requires a monthly subscription fee, and back in August our housemate wanted to play as well, so we spotted him the cost for a month to check it out. Instead of using the “Gift Time” option, my husband put our card on the subscription. We asked him to remove our payment information directly after, so as to avoid future charges. He told us that he did and that we did not have to worry. The very next month, however, I notice a charge on our account.)

Me: “Hey, [Housemate], did you remove our card information from your game account?”

Housemate: “Yeah, I did that right after the first month’s charge went through.”

Me: “Could you please check again, just to make sure?”

Housemate: “Oh. Apparently, it didn’t remove it.”

Me: “Okay. To be safe, remove it, and also cancel the subscription all together. Then you can renew it with your information. Just send me the confirmation for it.”

(I wait a few days, then check back with him, and he assures me that he confirmed everything was removed, but he never sends me the actual confirmation email. Unfortunately, come October, yet another charge has hit.)

Me: “[Housemate], I have another charge listed on the account. You said you removed our card, didn’t you?”

Housemate: “Yeah, I made sure it was completely removed. It’s charging my account, not yours.”

Me: “Could you please double-check it for me?”

Housemate: “I already removed it.”

Me: “Fine. I guess I’ll be calling the bank, then. Just get me a screenshot of the cancellation record, please.”

Housemate: “Oh, wait. I guess it is mine.”

Me: “What?”

Housemate: “Yeah, somehow I have a double subscription. I’ve fixed it now.”

(I still haven’t received any proof that he resolved it. My husband and I have definitely learned our lesson, though.)

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