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Mmm, Bowling With Greasy Pizza Fingers  

, , , | Right | November 3, 2019

On Fridays and Saturdays, the bowling alley I work at closes at midnight. At 11:30, we pretty much have the kitchen shut down, and we’re cleaning. However, on this particular night, this group of five people came in at 11:30, and bought two games for each person. 

We thought that’d be it. Well, they decided to order food. Which is fine, because we usually keep one deep fryer on for this purpose. So, they decided to get a breaded tenderloin, fried pickles, and a freaking pizza with ten breadsticks! We had already shut down the pizza oven, and it takes ten minutes to heat it up. Okay, fine. 

The tenderloin was specified to only have pickles on it. So, I put just pickles on it and brought it out to the group. When I was bringing out their fried pickles, the girl who ordered the tenderloin said, “Actually, can I get ketchup and mustard for this?” I said sure, but as I was getting it for her, I was thinking, “Why didn’t you order it with your sandwich if you wanted it, then?!” 

I got the pizza out to them, and everything was fine. So, I got back to cleaning, shut everything off, and such. Then, I realized that they were not even there! They’d all gone to the bar in the middle of their game. After a while, they came out of the bar and started bowling again. Then, five minutes later, I had to go get a mop bucket. One of the guys stopped me and said, “Oh, we’ll be right back,” and they all went outside.  

I finished mopping and they came back in. I went and collected the pizza dish, so I could finish dishes before I needed to leave. One of them had the gall to say, “We’re sorry we’re staying so late.”

It was, like, 12:10 at this point. 

I finished the dishes and my boss told me I could go home. They were still bowling as I left, at 12:30. 

You’re not freaking sorry if you keep going in and out of the bar, in and outside, and keep putting money in the machine to play music.

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