Mixing Different Flavors

, | Hopeless | September 9, 2016

(I’m with a group of friends at an after-dark event at the local museum, with food vendors and bars. We’ve just entered and see a cotton candy vendor, which we make a beeline for. They have a lot of unusual flavors, so I hang back a little to try to decide. There is a lady near me who is doing the same.)

Me: “I’m a little frightened by some of these flavors!”

Lady: “Me, too! Who would have thought to make chai tea or pineapple cotton-candy!”

Me: “I think I’ll get the raspberry truffle.”

Lady: “I’m going for the limeade one!”

(When our cotton candies have been made, I turn to her again.)

Me: “Do you want to try some of mine?”

Lady: “Sure! Let’s exchange!”

Vendor #1: “Hey, can I get a picture of this? It would be great publicity!”

Us: “Sure!”

(The vendor snaps a picture of us pulling pieces off each other’s cotton candy.)

Vendor #1: “Thanks!”

Me: *to Lady* “It was nice to meet you!”

Lady: “You, too!”

Vendor #2: “Wait, you guys didn’t come in together?!”

Us: “Nope! We just met!”

(I hope they include that in the caption of the photo!)

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